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What is a private sewer ?

It is the underground pipelines that drains a single premise and located within the premise boundary serving in most cases  more than one building within one boundary. This is the responsibility  of the customer/premises owner/building owner up to the Connection Point according to the connection agreement​

What is public sewers ?

It is the underground pipelines owned, operated and maintained by ADSSC. Located downstream of the connection point which is usually located at the first manhole outside the premise boundary.​

Where is the public sewers located?

ADSSC keeps a registry of all sewage lines showing which is the location public line from private ones. Application for extraction copy/appointment for viewing is needed to locate public sewers. Please visit Customer Service Counters located in the Abu Dhabi Municipality Offices and Al Ain Municipality Sunday-Thursday 7am-3pm to submit your application or 
you may contact ADSSC by e-mail via our website

Is ADSSC responsible for clearing private sewers blockages? Is there any charges?

Yes, upon request and under certain circumstances ADSSC may clear blockages for private sewage. Maintenance and operation contractors providing this service without charge 
or charges might be levied on customers for this service in the future.

How can blockage be prevented in private sewers?

A. Not to take for granted the toilet flush to dispose anything. Sewers were only designed to deal with human waste and toilet tissue, flushing other items is not only damaging to the environment but can actually be dangerous as well as a waste of water. Disposable products are part of everyone’s life but SHOULD NOT be disposed of down the toilet.

Items such as nappies, razor blades, cotton B.  Buds, packaging etc can all cause blockages in your private sewers, the public sewers or at the sewage, treatment works because they do not dissolve or break up quickly and blockages caused by these things can result in flooding.

B. Do not get rid of fats, oil or grease in the sink

Does ADSSC repair damaged private sewers ?

No. The private sewer is the responsibility of the property owner and must be 

repaired/serviced by the owner or designated service personnel.

Do I need a permit to repair my private sewers? And can I make a new connection?

You do not need a permit to fix your own sewers but in case of wanting to connect to the public sewers, you need an approval from ADSSC through application first.  Once approval is obtained, an inspector would be present to monitor the work ensuring its being done to the required standard. Contact our Customer Service Counters located in the Abu Dhabi Municipality 
Offices and Al Ain Municipality for further information and guidance.

How is the new connection done?

Construction of all sewer connections must be by gravity according with the standard specifications and criteria set by ADSSC and must be fully inspected and approved by ADSSC inspectors before backfilling

Do I need a permit to divert or add to my existing private sewers?

Yes.  It is a requirement and you can submit an application to ADSSC. ADSSC inspectors will ensure specification during construction and upon completion that is done to the required standard. If you need guidance as to policies or procedures please contact ADSSC by e-mail via our website.

How do I get a permit?


Permits can be obtained at ADSSC Customer Service Offices located as per the following:
 - Abu Dhabi and the Western Region
  - AD Municipality
  - Mussafah Municipality
  - Shahamma Municipality
  - Madinate Zayed  TAM Center
  - AlMarfa     TAM Center
  - Ghayathi    TAM Center
  - AlSela   TAM Center
  - LIWA    TAM Center
  - Delma   TAM Center
 - Al Ain
  - Al Ain Municipality
  - Al Hayer Municipality


Who does the work on my private sewer connection?

You will have to arrange for a contractor to do the work at your own expense. ADSSC strongly recommends to hire a suitable qualified and experienced contractor. If the work involves excavations in a public area (including footways and grass verges) you will have to obtain approval from the relevant authority

Whom should I contact in case of a problem in the public sewers ?

To Report incident and complaints related to Sewer network (Blockage, flooding or odor), or in the case of emptying a septic tank, please contact Abu Dhabi Gov. Contact Center (800555).

Does a permit for a connection allow me to access others private land/property?

No. it does not!   You need to obtain an additional permission from the respective land owner to be able to do 

What is industrial waste?

It is any waste due to any: commercial, industrial, agricultural, medical or scientific activity but it does not include water waste from households.

Are there any safety and precaution measure?

Sewers, sewer manholes and ADSSC installation can be hazardous places and 
no person should enter

How do I contact ADSSC?

For further details and suggestions
ADSSC web site:
​Customer Service Counters located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

What is grease trap and how important is it?

It is a special unit for over consumption of grease which  is designed to separate particle and preventing the grease from getting into the drainage system and safely eliminating it and reducing foul smell and toxic gas. 

What are the hazards of grease in sewer pipes?

Fats, oils and grease are a real problem in drains and sewers because When they get into the drainage system they go further in the deep underground pipes which are cold, this cools the grease and makes it stick to the side of the pipes causing blockage, foul smell and eventually leads to flooding releasing poisonous gas and toxins
This is a real issue causing pollution and endangering public health a waste of expense, resource and time. 

How to Avoid Blocking in Sewer Network ?

  • Do not get rid of fats, oil or grease in the sink
  • Use Grease Trap to prevent the grease from getting into the drainage system
  • In case you experience problems related to Sewer Network, inside or outside your property like (Blockage, flooding or odor), please contact Abu Dhabi Gov. Contact Center (800555).