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  • ADSSC Trains 64 Interns in 2014
  • ADSSC had admitted around 64 interns in 2014 from different colleges and universities (UAE University - Higher Technology Colleges - Aljaheli Institution) to be trained to achieve its strategy of enhancing communication with the community and to support academic institutions through preparing the interns to be professional at work.
    The interns were from different specializations as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry and lab technicians, beside to specializations related to business management and human resources administration, finance, project management and HSE. In addition to GIS, technical and engineering drawing, and other specializations as translation and entrepreneurship.
    H.E Abdullah Musleh Al Ahbabi, the chairman of ADSSC stated that the company is working to engage in training and preparing colleges and universities students of different specializations as chemical, mechanic and civil engineering, GIS, business management, finance, human resources administration, translation, and others.
    He clarified that practical training aims to assist interns, improve their skills, enrich their experience, support their academic performance, and prepare them for their future career-life. It also develops their recognition of real work and shapes their attitudes in work. The company had provided practical training opportunities in its wastewater treatment plants in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.


    H.E Al Ahbabi assured that communicating with academic institutions and contributing in training interns is part of our responsibilities toward the community in align with the strategic plans of enriching and benefiting the interns to prepare them to join the work market.