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  • ADSSC organizes a workshop for its employees entitled "Job Pressures"
  • Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) organized a workshop entitled "Job Pressures and Its Impact on Employees' Health" at the company's main building in Al Ain on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. A number of company's employees attended this workshop from different sectors and departments.
    It was organized by Eng. Rashid Al-Hakmani, Senior Engineer for Health, Safety and Environment. This workshop discusses the impact of job pressures on the employees' lives and especially on their physical and psychological health. He also discussed the reasons behind the job pressures and the employee's role in facing and managing this kind of pressures.
    At the end of the workshop, the presenter provided the audience with some tips that may help them reduce or adapt with these pressures. An employee can eliminate these pressures by identifying and managing their causes in order to have a positive and healthy work environment.
    Through organizing this workshop, the company aims to educate employees about the impact of job pressures on the job performance and help them to create a balance between responsibilities and authorities. In addition, it aims to involve employees in decision-making.