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  • Workshop on Safety
  • ADSSC Health, Safety and Environment Department organized a workshop on safety in ADSSC. The workshop was organized in cooperation with ADSSC teams of business continuity program and was attended by ADSSC employees, technicians and managers. The workshop was held at the main pumping station No.5 at Abu Dhabi mainland, on 17-18 of October 2018.

    The workshop focused on safety at work within business continuity scope. It also discussed related issues as general safety requirements, avoiding accidents, preventing fire. As well as providing awareness on biological and chemical risks, closed chambers risks, work place risks, drowning and slippery risks in pumping stations and treatment plants in particular.

    The workshop also introduced the mechanism of gas meters, safety equipment and emergency tools that needs to be available while working in pumping stations and treatment plants.

    This workshop is part of ADSSC care to raise employee awareness on safety at work place and to explain the procedures that need to be taken in case of emergency.