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December 28, 2023

SWS Participation at The Bani Yas Majlis

Eng. Mohamed Al Hebsi, Engineering Services Dept Manager at SWS, shared insights about current and future SWS services at the Bani Yas Majlis. The team presented 13 of SWS’ services, emphasizing our competitive response and resolution time with a remarkable average of 2 working days, thanks to digital integration. The Smart Agent efficiently resolved over 85% of inquiries, minimizing the need for manual intervention, thus significantly enhancing overall customer experience.

The SWS team also highlighted the recently launched Tankering Management App, and this service’s significance in supporting remote areas and communities including some farmlands and surrounding areas, through the power of technology.

The Bani Yas Forum 2023, a key event within the ‘Nashwarkum’ initiative, took place at the Bani Yas Majlis. It served as a dynamic platform, held in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Municipality, Community Policing Department, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, and Tadweer, demonstrating a unified commitment to water sustainability and amplifying the voices of the community.

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