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Welcome to SWS monaqsa portal

SWS MONAQASA is designed to assist you to participate in tenders in a more convenient way. You may participate all tenders online without having to visit our offices and you would be able to submit offers easily. All suppliers must be registered in the portal to be eligible to participate in any tender.

To get started, please review the terms and conditions to register, once the requirements are met please follow the steps below:


  • Click on the Register Here tab if you are registering for first time.

  • Choose Register a new company to log in.

  • Fill all the sections in the application, once completed send it to the registration team to review the application.

  • Once you have received your new Supplier ID number (new user name) you can continue the registration process.

  • If you are already registered and have a valid Supplier ID number, you can login to the system directly.

  • If you forgot your password, you can request to reset it.

We thank you for being interested and hope you will visit SWS MONAQASA PORTAL frequently to get more information about the tenders issued by SWS.

For any inquiries or suggestion, please contact us at the following address below.

Supply Department


Click on the following link to download the user's guide for Registration & Tendering.

You will need to have an Adobe Acrobat to be able to view the guides.

Supplier Evaluation

Supply Department is committed to provide the highest levels of service quality to its end users, the department evaluates the vendors performance on purchase orders or contracts created within the same year.


What’s your opinion about the SWS Supplier registration system?